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This is a message from @SirIanBlair on the eve of May 10th 2012 – I want to explore a few things that are whirring through my mind. British Policing and the Office of Constable, the mainstay of policing is facing big challenges; political intervention in policing is rife and this is bad news for both the rank and file and the public. Yet I see no leadership from police leaders.

Police Leaders must accept some apportion of blame for the position we are in today for they have allowed police organisations to outgrow unnecessary functions and roles; yet the pinnacle of British Policing is the Officer and PCSO on the beat. Analysts analysing statistics and call answering times; PA’s on a power trip and civilian managers who think they are sworn senior officers. This is the monster that Labour created; police leadership has lost its way.

Leadership is a…

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